Doctor Whooves is a Pony that is based on the British television Doctor Who character from the British Television show called Doctor Who. His assistant is Derpy. Doctor Whooves is a male pony with light brown fur and speaks in a British accent. He arives in Equestria in a vehicle he calls the TARDIS which is a acronym for a even bigger name for what he calls this blue box he comes out of in the first episode with him in it. He first travels to a royal ball that Princess Celestia is hosting at her Royal Palace to try gather more clues about why he has become a Pony rather than the Usual Humanoid Apearance he is supposed to have. It remains unclear if he ever discovered why hes become a pony or if he continued having to try figure out this mystery.


Doctor Whooves Arives in Equestria

In this Picture you See Doctor Whooves Arriving in Equestria as the beginning of the WebEpisode.

* Doctor Whooves was also featured in the Fallout Equestria Series.

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