Dragonshy is the seventh episode of the first season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. In this episode, a sleeping dragon's smoke disrupts the skies of Equestria and the ponies are tasked by Princess Celestia to convince it to leave, much to Fluttershy's displeasure. The episode's title is a portmanteau of Dragon and Fluttershy.


Lauren Faust wrote in a comment on her deviantART page that the Everfree Forest is west of Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres is southwest, and Fluttershy's cottage and meadow are located north of the farm, presumably between Ponyville and the forest. Canterlot is northeast of Ponyville. However, in subsequent interviews, both Faust and Jayson Thiessen mentioned that the geography and continuity of the show are loosely defined and may change as necessary,[2] and a layout artist stated on December 10, 2011 that the production team had no official map of Equestria at their disposal.[3]

The English word most similar to the placename Equestria is equestrian, "of or relating to horse riding", from the Latin equester, "belonging to a horseman", from equus, "horse", which is also the origin of equine. In this sense, "Equestria" would translate as "land of the horsemen" instead of "land of horses".