Rarity is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a unicorn that uses her magic in her designing. She represents the Element of Generosity.


"Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique." Rarity is the owner of the Carousel Botique in Ponyville . She designs dresses for a living and as Pinkie Pie said in Putting Your Hoof Down has a "passion for fashion!"


Rarity is different from her friends in the sense of creativity. She is a fashionista at heart. Although Rarity is the diva of the show. She is also one of the most generous characters. She has demonstrated multiple acts of generosity, including chopping off her tail to fix a sea monser's fashion disaster in season 1: episode 1.
Mlpfim ep0223

Rarity has a short tail after generously donating it to a sea monster.

Rarity is one of the few characters on this show to speak using more complex words. She speaks very proper and with a transatlantic English accent. This well fits her personality since everything she does must be done very proper and a certain way.