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The Mane 6

The Mane 6 consists of Twilight Sparkle , Pinkie Pie , Applejack , Rarity , Rainbow Dash , and Fluttershy . The whole series revolves around these 6 ponies. They are the main characters of the show, and for the most part they all star in at least several of their own episodes each season.

Elements of HarmonyEdit

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The Mane 6 demonstrates the qualities of a good friend/person with the lessons they learn each episode. 

  • Twilight: The Element of Magic
  • Rarity: The Element of Generosity
  • Rainbow Dash: The Element of Loyalty
  • Applejack: The Element of Honesty
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  • Fluttershy: The Element of Kindness
  • Pinkie Pie: The Element of Laughter

Letters to CelestiaEdit

At the end of every episode, one of the mane six will write a letter to Princess Celestia describing what important lesson in friendship they learned that day. Throughout the series, the mane six grow as characters because of the important life lessons they learn due to daily conflicts with each other or other ponies. In the end of each episode, one of them will learn something new about friendship.