There is a big problem on this wiki that we need to adress.  Almost all of the information on the pages is stolen from the mlp fim wiki.  If you see that be sure to delete it or we will get in trouble.

We need to start taking care into what we write in articles and to not be biast.  Things like Rainbow Dash is the best pony and stuff like that does not belong in the mainspace.

I am currently getting suggestions from a few users on the mlp wiki on what pages need what changes but it is not pretty.  There are some pages with HORRIBLE grammar and FANMADE pictures.

Do not put fanmade work or clip art in an article.


I think that we need to change the scope of this wiki.  There is already a mlp wiki with way better info and things then us so I say we focus on something else.

Any ideas?

If this does not work then I think we are going to need to make SERIOUS changes to our admin team.

It is not right for me to be editing on a duplicate wiki of the mlp fim wiki.  That is what this is.  If we change it to a different aspect then I will stay.